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Umbrella Insurance in Florida

What is Umbrella Insurance? Umbrella coverage is a type of liability insurance that provides coverage over and above your other insurance policies. An umbrella policy is there to help protect you from financial ruin and your assets if someone files a lawsuit against you or a covered family member. It can also be used as the primary insurance for losses that are not covered by other policies.

You may question if you need an umbrella insurance policy. Any accident could lead to a lawsuit against you, and the costs may exceed your policy limits. An automobile, boating, or swimming pool accident that leads to serious injuries or death may result in a costly liability lawsuit against you.

Your primary policy will provide coverage, but it has financial limits. The umbrella policy will take over when your auto, boat, watercraft, or homeowner’s liability coverage has been exhausted to make sure you are covered and protected. An umbrella policy can also provide coverage in rare instances like false incarceration or slander not covered under other policies. Umbrella policies are affordable and provide that necessary cushion when needed.

At Marks Insurance Agency, Inc., you can be assured that we have friendly professional independent insurance agents to help you explore your insurance coverage needs. They will work to make sure the insurance policies are easy to understand and purchase. We provide insurance policies for your auto, boats and personal watercrafts, coastal properties, homeowners, life, and umbrella insurance coverage.

Contact the Marks Insurance Agency, Inc., located in your area today to speak with the umbrella insurance agents. One of our agents will explore your insurance needs, provide you with information, options, and quotes, and answer all of your questions. Don’t hesitate to protect you and your family’s financial future.

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